create / 2015

The Moving Museum Los Angeles

Idea submitted in the My LA2050 Maker Challenge by The Moving Museum

For The Moving Museum Los Angeles we will establish an international residency program with 15 local and 25 international artists in Spring 2016. Over 4 months there will be a citywide intensive period of production and creation of new commissioned artwork, which will culminate in a 2month biennale scale exhibition in September. The backbone to the project will be a curated public program of events focused on the creation of culinary projects and performances initiated by participating artists.

In what areas of Los Angeles will you be directly working?

How do you plan to use these resources to make change?

  • Conduct research
  • Engage residents and stakeholders
  • Implement a pilot or new project
  • Mobilize for systems change
  • Advocate with policymakers and leaders

How will your proposal improve the following “Create” metrics?

  • Employment in the creative industries
  • Arts establishments per capita
  • Concentration of manufacturing activity in LA
  • Jobs per capita
  • Measures of cultural and global economic influence (“soft power”) (Dream Metric)
  • Recruiting and retention rates for local higher education institutions (Dream Metric)
  • Percentage of graduates from local higher education institutions that remain in LA County 5 years after graduating (Dream Metric)

Describe in greater detail how you will make LA the best place to create.

While LA has always been a go-to destination for the art world, there has been a shift in the international community of artists from across the world that recognize the city as an important epicentre for creation and production of new work. The city has inspired a new generation of artists to migrate there for production and ideas.

The Moving Museum Los Angeles is offering this opportunity in bringing an influential group of international and local artists and collectives together in an intervention that will encourage social interaction and participation, empower communities, and activate a new chapter of development for LA as the most significant and accessible place to create.

Participating artists will receive a budget towards producing their commissioned work and will be supported in the professional development of their practice throughout an intensive residency period involving in-depth dialogue around research, conceptualization and production of their work.

The residency component and inclusion of artists with a social practice are an important catalyst to form a lasting dialogue between these diverse and currently fragmented voices across the globe at an important moment for LA’s position within a shifting international context.

We will run a public and educational program geared towards engaging the artists within local schools and universities and offering students across all ages to learn from established contemporary artists. The Moving Museum will a develop Curatorial Fellowship program as part
 of the LA project to offer recent graduates a rare opportunity to gain valuable first-hand professional experience with artists production, curators, exhibition production, running a residency.

We will find diverse ways of including artist within the project as producers, collaborators and advisors. The Moving Museum will deliver an intensive public program, initiated by the participating artists and in collaboration with local institutions and non-profit spaces, which aims to engage local audiences and offer a point of access to art and artists that is more direct and less didactic, focusing on Food, Performance, Workshops, and Performative lectures. The program will also be made accessible for international audiences through an online platform.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.

We hope to create meaningful and socially engaged projects that have a lasting impact on the communities affected. We will track the development of those participating in the project, the number of Fellows who have been offered employment or developed their own projects, the quantity and success of future LA projects from our partners, the art spaces and projects formed across the city. The commissioned artworks will be measured on how they materialized during the residency and exhibition period, and the impact they have made. We will follow international artists on-going relationship with LA, whether through production of artwork, museum or institutional interest, or continued talks or events with the artists.

Our aim is to create a dynamic events program that engages local and international audiences and successfully bridges the gap between disparate communities. We will collect data on audience numbers and the types of communities represented, on the ground and online.

How can the LA2050 community and other stakeholders help your proposal succeed?

  • Money (financial capital)
  • Publicity/awareness (social capital)
  • Infrastructure (building/space/vehicles, etc.)
  • Community outreach
  • Network/relationship support